Nebula Capsule 3: Unleash Cinematic Wonder Anywhere

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Portable Movie Theater: Capsule 3 Laser transforms any space into a vibrant, immersive entertainment zone, creating a mini movie theater experience.
Compact and Versatile: With its small and lightweight design, the Capsule 3 Laser is easy to carry, making it the perfect on-the-go companion for movie nights or gaming sessions.
Movies Anywhere: Enjoy your favorite movies and cartoons on any wall or even the ceiling, giving you the flexibility to create your own cinematic experience in different rooms or even outdoors.
Gaming Fun: Beyond movies, the Capsule 3 Laser offers gaming excitement by turning any surface into a giant game board, making it a versatile entertainment device for kids and adults alike.
Colorful and Bright: The projector displays pictures and movies in vibrant, bright colors, providing a visually stunning and immersive experience that brings your entertainment to life.
Pocket-Sized Smart Projector: The Capsule 3 Laser, with 1080p FHD resolution, fits in your pocket and is a smart projector that's perfect for gifting, ensuring you're always ready for a movie night or gaming adventure.
Magic on Your Wall: Experience the magic of a big screen TV that you can carry around, bringing joy and entertainment to any room or outdoor space.
Mini Movie and Game Buddy: The Capsule 3 Laser is your personal entertainment companion, combining the joy of movies and games in a compact and easy-to-use device, perfect for fun times with family and friends.

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